About us

theWaveMatrix is partner of Wave Genome to bring QUANTUM INFORMATION-WAVE TECHNOLOGY to the world

In 2017 by researching the history of our true ancestors my eyes moved to Russia and I encountered Irene Caesar the President and Founder of WAVE GENOME. I deeply looked into her publications, historic views and her ground-breaking new wave technology. The result was me ordering a Tesla Generator device to experience the technology myself. And the personal experience was more than convincing.

So I studied more of her theory and with my spiritual background as an active yogi with deep knowledge of Vedic scriptures it all perfectly fits into the big picture and bridged the cap between science and the Vedic cosmology.

Now my only logic conclusion was to support her and her new science and technology of Wave Matrix QUANTUM LEAP Laser Bioholography in any way possible. I become partner and build this website to bring this to the public so everyone will know and will benefit of this new QUANTUM INFORMATION-WAVE TECHNOLOGY.