Creation date: 1993
Completed in Moscow, August 2012 by signing a consortium agreement "The Matrix City" with Dr. Alexei N. Diashev, Director of the Scientific Research Institute for the National Security
Delivered as a public lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University, September 13, 2012

I propose a project of a new type of city – Matrix City – the city as an integrated information-wave matrix. Only this city can become a starting point for technological break-through and survival of mankind.

The project formulates a new geopolitical concept – the principle of holographic self-government in the Matrix Cities, which is carried out through the application of information technologies of the new generation. These technologies create wave matrices and manage them. The holographic principle states that the whole is completely contained in each of its parts (the term “holographic” as a fundamental principle of the universe is formulated by quantum physics, and I applied this principle to the social and political philosophy}. When applied to geopolitics, this principle means that the whole is viable only if it is self-sufficient and self-governing, and consists of self-sufficient self-governing parts.

The Matrix City is ​​a self-sufficient city, built on technologies, many of which are currently sensational. Such city has everything for the survival of a single country, and for the survival of all mankind. Moreover, Russia has the only area in the world, which does most satisfy criteria for survival in the 14 scenarios of world catastrophes.

Self-sufficiency concerns all the first-necessity products in the Matrix City, although such self-sufficiency does not abolish specialization depending on the regions, climates, proximity to resources, etc. Self-sufficiency means centralized systematicity. Matrix city implements a new generation of information technology (based on the management of the wave matrices) systematically for all vital aspects of human life.

Self-governing through the creation of wave matrices and control over them concerns all first-necessity components essential for human survival: weather control; control of pathogenic and biologically active zones; agriculture using psychotronic generators; production of bio-active water; bio-active architecture; bio-active household items selected for each person individually; bio-active materials for construction and everyday life; medicine of a new generation, based on distant healing by transmitting wave matrices.

I am talking here about the so-called “black science», about the conversion into the economy of the psychotronic, geo-physical and climate weaponry – technologies of the future that have a dual purpose, that is, they can be used as weapons of mass and individual destruction, but without them no technological breakthrough and Russia’s renaissance are possible. These technologies will ensure the renaissance of Russia, literally, in a few years.

These are Russian technologies, which have only partially been taken to the West in the 1990s, during the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1985, CNN reported that in the development of energy-information technologies, Russia is ahead of the West for 10 years. In fact, the advance of Russia is for more than 25 years, because the scientists who in 1985 developed these technologies, still do not have the right to leave Russia. Russia is still the most advanced country in the world in the scientific sense. And the purpose of my project is to deliver this information to investors in Russia, and to connect the Russian capital with the most advanced science in the world – the Russian science.

In essence, we are talking about a project like a nuclear power plant. The technology consists in the installation and operation of psychotronic generators, including lasers. These technologies are, mostly, patented, certified and have passed the test of time. We have already started industrialization of some information-wave technologies, such as the production of restructured bio-active water and its use in the treatment of sick people, including the successful treatment of mad cow disease, and cancer in the UK in the 1990s.

Part 1


I propose to establish a series of Matrix Cities, which will become zones of Russia’s revival by developing its own new technologies, instead of importing Western technologies. In light of the approaching peak oil and energy crisis humankind has to prepare for the coming shift of all strategic technologies. Import of the latest technology from the West is impossible in principle, because all the new strategic technologies in the West are classified. Russia has no choice but to urgently develop its own new technologies. Moreover, Russia has still the most advanced science of the quantum or information-vibration technologies.

The proposal to develop and implement information-wave technologies in the Matrix Cities is based on the following considerations:

Development of information-wave technologies requires systematicity, and centralization. Matrix Cities ensure the development and implementation of information-wave technologies based on the principle of “organic whole” – each part is functionally inseparable from the whole, and from all the other parts of the whole; and also based on the centralized priority of novelty factor for information-wave technologies, fast-reacting flexibility of the law, the effectiveness of protecting the latest strategic technologies by the national security agencies of Russia, as well as on the basis of self-sufficiency and systemic approach.

Each city should be founded on the basis of the holographic principle – to be self-sufficient systematic whole, which has all that is necessary for survival in the event of an environmental, climate, military, energy, biological and any other global catastrophe. Each Matrix City has to collect all that is necessary to save in a global or national catastrophe, like Noah’s Arc. Specialization of cities in accordance with the proximity to certain natural resources, and so on, will be built over the holographic foundation of Matrix Cities.

Breakthrough information-wave technologies will not only provide the self-sufficiency of Matrix Cities, but also such a sharp increase in the productivity, including a manifold increase in the crop yield, that Matrix Cities will become powerful generators for recovering the Russian economy, and the renaissance of each region of Russia. According to various research groups, it is possible to increase the crop yield from 3 to 33 times, to enrich the nutritional value of agricultural products, get rid of the use of chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and hormones. It is possible to remotely control the harvest with vibration-resonance technologies, and to produce the desired mutations in plants at a distance.

Matrix Cities must collect not only the material wealth, and not only the intellectual property in the form of exclusive know-how, but also the genetic strategic reserve of Russia. Russia needs to undertake a genetic census of the population, and measures for the conservation of its genetic strategic reserve. Matrix Cities should set up the data banks of DNA wave-matrices. Matrix Cities should develop and follow a birth quota on the basis of information-wave / quantum genetic research, ecology, the latest medical information-wave technologies, and the latest information-wave methods of education.

These cities should function on the principle of self-supply and self-sufficiency in regards to energy resources, food and other vitally important resources. Everything in these cities should be created in accordance with the latest, information-wave technologies – transport, construction, energy, architecture, agriculture, health care, etc. Matrix Cities should be built in the biologically active zones, with biologically-active architecture, the biologically-active water, etc. Each region of Russia should build at least one such Matrix City.

The main focus in the Cities of a new type will be on man. Russia should urgently stop the negative demographic trends of extinction for its population. New technologies in Matrix Cities / “Arcs”, including medicine of the new order, can already now provide a dramatic increase in the longevity rate of Russians (according to our scientists – up to 200 years), and a radical improvement of their lives. But, more importantly, this project will form a new man with a qualitatively new level of consciousness. This person will see himself or herself not as a means but as an end. Instead of the principle of prestige based on the division of society into the elite and the masses, prosperity will set a new principle of prestige as the principle of individuation. New technologies will provide a radical reduction of working hours. Therefore the Matrix City will provide each of its residents with any kind of education and development. Individual, information-wave approach will be used even in construction, the production of individually tailored furniture and other household items, based on the influence of frequencies upon man.

Part 2


I propose to build a Matrix City “Arc” in the area of ​​survival (one of the two points on the Earth, which ensures the survival of mankind in the 14 scenarios of global catastrophe).

Arc City like Noah’s Arc must ensure the survival for all essential components of life on Earth, including representatives of different races, nations and religions. Each country and each denomination will be invited to participate in the project. Thus, Arc City will become a kind of settlement of the United Nations. Accordingly, the architecture and infrastructure of the city will be determined by the presence of different religions. But, in principle, we should build only buildings which have bio-active shape (pyramidal or spherical). Participation in the project will be offered through the issue of bonds, as well as through the issuance of a special lottery for every tenth place in the city.

The exact location of the city, the exact set of technologies, the layout of the city and its business plan is the know-how, and will be represented in the process of drafting the documents.

Our scientists own patented know-how, which allows them to control the weather, remotely treat incurable diseases, treat infertility, achieve the manifold increase of crop yield, to remotely produce new varieties of plants, and to control their functions at a distance, to purify water and make it bio-active (to the extent that water becomes a cure for cancer, radiation poisoning and viral infections, etc.) At our disposal we already have a set of fuel-free technologies that will provide Arc City with energy self-sufficiency, i.e., independence from the power grid. We have the radically new technologies of construction, and new materials.

Also, we offer a contest among scientists, architects and economists for a possibility of their research to be included in the project development of Arc City.

One of the primary revenue sources of Arc City will be medical tourism, fuel-free energy, ultra-pure products of agriculture and bio-active water.

Part 3


As the first step for implementing the project of Matrix Cities, I propose to build a pilot Matrix Microtown in some bio-active zone in one of depopulated areas in Russia. I propose to make the construction of the Matrix Microtown into a PR campaign with the contract for a LIVE TV show as a marketing tool to attract investment and promote the idea of ​​Holographic Cities. LIVE TV show will demonstrate weather control, manifold crop yield increase, fuel-free energy, and cure for incurable diseases. This TV show is going to become an immediate worldwide sensation. In fact, the Matrix Microtown should be a multi-profile clinic with a farm on psychotronic generators, and with the center for the weather control. The immediate source of revenue will be medical tourism (including, from abroad), ultra-pure products of agriculture and bio-active water.

The next step or parallel step may be the construction of a series of Matrix Micro-settlement, which will be multi-profile clinics with farms on psychotronic generators, or which will specialize in a certain kind of exclusive medical services in high demand – infertility treatment, drug addiction, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, etc. In each region of Russia, we can build a Matrix Microtown with its own specialization. In effect, these micro-settlements would revive resorts of the former Soviet Union, which had their unique feature, depending on the unique location – but at a new level, and with the new features.

Matrix Microtown, specializing in drug addiction will to stop the epidemic of drug addiction. Matrix Microtown, specializing in gynecology and genetics will provide a manifold increase in the birth rate and the creation of the Genetic Bank of Russia. Matrix Microtown, specializing in the treatment of HIV infected and AIDS patients will stop the AIDS epidemic. Matrix Microtown, specializing in oncology, diabetes, and other diseases that are considered incurable by medicine of yesterday, will significantly increase the life expectancy of Russians.

In parallel I propose to start construction of the first macro Matrix City, which will employ Russians who were rescued from death and newly born.


I have a Ph.D. in philosophy, and am a specialist in social-political philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of science. My doctoral dissertation analyses the interpretation of happiness by Aristotle. Aristotle defines happiness as the unity of the cosmos, the polis and the soul, in which both the individual and society are the microcosm reflecting the cosmos. Both man and society are the systematic wholes, or systems. Systems are centrally organized, self-sufficient, and include their every part organically – that is, taking care of their every part as a vital function for the whole. We can say that Aristotle came close to the holographic principle, which is the basis of my concept. But the holographic principle in Aristotle’s theory was in its infancy, as Aristotle reserved a leading role for oligarchy, while my model of Matrix Cities is based on the constitutional right for democratic self-government.

Holographic self-sufficiency has been lost in the totalitarian models of socialism in Nazism and Stalinism, although they maintained a principle of centralized sistematicity and organic nature of parts within a whole. In Aristotle’s time, the economic mechanism of slavery insured the self-sufficiency of polis. Now self-sufficiency can be achieved by the economic mechanism of information / quantum technologies, which can provide total prosperity. We are now at the very beginning of the technological revolution, and my model of Matrix Cities is the first apprehension of this technological revolution in the social and political philosophy.

Urgency of the Matrix Cities concept consists in the fact that the paradigm of globalization in the form of the New World Order is leading to the creation of a totalitarian system of cyborgs controlled by artificial intelligence, as suggested by Peter Thiel, a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Club. This plan is reflected in the models of the Oceanic Cities, in which the elite will be completely exempt from responsibility for the rest of the world population. Also this plan is reflected in the model of Charter Cities for “the bottom billion” proposed at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2010 by Paul Romer. Charter Cities constitute a plan of neo-colonialism and offer the flexible legislation in the cities of the third world, taken as an object of the target exploitation by the group of investors.

In the summer of 2009, I realized that the technocratic elite of America, precisely, the DE Shaw Group, is engaged in the genetic engineering of superman, looking for outstanding people across America, and literally using them as blood donors to create a DNA computer models of the so-called information or computational biology.

In autumn of 2009, from an insider, I have learned that the banking elite is preparing the transition of the global financial system to the worldwide digital money, controlled by a single global control center of artificial intelligence. All information systems, including financial, information, social networks, are already consolidated, in accordance with the idea of ​​the singularity and the idea of ​​the post-human society of Raymond Kurzweil and Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel). This model of technocratic post-human fascism is illustrated by the film “The Matrix.” This model implies a loss of individuation in some swarm-like post-human collective intelligence. This model of the New World Order is also linked to the concept of depopulation and survival for only a certain group of population – the elite.

I rejected the idea of ​​singularity, that is, the merger with machines, and the power of the artificial intelligence over the human society, as well as the idea of ​​separation of mankind into masses and the elite (in the Charter and Oceanic Cities) already in the late 1980s. I rejected the idea of ​​the technocratic post-human “Matrix,” because it does not conform to the holographic principle of the universe. Artificial, that is, the created or man-made, intellect cannot in virtue of definition be a microcosm that reflects in itself the infinite macrocosm. Artificial intelligence will never become a wave crystal of universe in miniature. So, in my estimation, as a philosopher, the artificial intelligence ​​will be always inferior to human intellect, that is, the uncreated intellect, and will be a subject to mutations and degeneration.

Since the late 1980s, I was looking for different technologies, and social paradigms. I became the representative of Peter Garyaev, the Father of Wave Genetics, in the fall of 2010. And in October 2011, I brought an investor to Moscow for the commercialization of wave genetics. I also became the representative of other groups of scientists involved in the application of information technologies of a new generation in health care and the economy, including food, agriculture, construction and production of bio-active water.

Upon my arrival in Russia in October 2011, I immediately suggested the idea of ​​the Matrix City. My concept of Matrix Cities is radically different from the concept of Charter Cities and Oceanic Cities, because it rejects the opposition of the elite to the masses, and the preferential survival of the elite. Our Russian Matrix Cities will take care of every citizen of Russia. My concept is based on the holographic principle, and this is an application of the fundamental principle of quantum physics to social philosophy. I offer a specific plan for building a city as energy-information matrix.

My idea of ​​the city as the information-wave matrix is ​​the only possible way of development for human society, and was not yet formulated by anybody else. There exists a project by Foster Gamble «Thrive Movement». The project is based on the idea of ​​a torus, as a kind of a universal code for the universe. Torus is the self-sufficient quantum unit of energy (from micro to macro level), based on vector equilibrium. I came to the same ideas, as Foster Gamble, at the end of the 1980s, and I presented my ideas regarding the information-vibration crystals (from micro to macro level) in my book “The Art of the spirits,” published in 1993 by the Ivan Fedorov Publishing House in St. Petersburg. It is necessary to point out that the idea of ​​the torus in Foster Gamble’s model is not developed, and the program of its applications concerns only the free energy and medicine of Royal Rife’s making in the 1930’s. It is clear that Foster Gamble does not have access to the latest Russian break-through technologies in the field of the information-wave medicine, which have developed far beyond the achievements of Royal Rife. Also, Foster Gamble has no access to the other technological and philosophical components that would make the city-torus self-sufficient. His philosophy is a kind of libertarianism, and, in general, is reduced to the minimization of the State and the abolition of taxes. In this, his philosophical position has not moved far from the libertarianism of Peter Thiel.

The novelty of my model of Matrix City, as the City-Torus, consists in the fact that it reflects a radically new level in the development of information-wave technologies that are not available for the ideologues of the future cities in the West, and are not reflected in their models, including Foster Gamble. I was able to offer the idea of ​​the city in which each component of human life is based on information-wave technologies, because Russia is in first place in the development of these technologies at the moment. In the West, these technologies are in the domain of the military-industrial complex, and are classified, while in Russia, these technologies are already in the phase of industrialization and commercialization, and are so developed that they cover every aspect of production of essential goods, from medicine to agriculture and commercial management of the weather. So I was able to formulate radical new ways of survival and development of mankind in the Matrix Cities, for example, the creation of genetic banks of DNA wave matrices.

Russia has all the technology to create self-governed and self-sufficient cities, which themselves produce their first-need products.

The fact that Foster Gamble does not have access, and even information on the latest Russian information-resonance research explains the utopian character of his model. He does not realize that all the information-wave technologies are dual-use technologies. Yes, it is possible to introduce some low-power generators in hospitals and in agriculture. But if we are talking about creating a Matrix City entirely on information-wave technologies, we need to realize that the control center, where the generators will be located, must be protected by the State and the National Security Service. Therefore, the libertarian model of Foster Gamble is unrealistic.

It should be noted that various groups of Russian scientists and public figures in Russia have advanced the idea of ​​a future city. During the Soviet period, the Communist Party of Russia created Science Cities. My idea is an organic development of these ideas. Meanwhile, my model of Matrix City is radically new compared to the idea of ​​Science City.

The project of matrix holographic cities differs from the Skolkovo project, or the “Science City” / “City Laboratory” in the fact that the Matrix Holographic City is building a qualitatively new environment and creates a new man. New technologies, used in this city, affect all aspects of human life. Therefore, technologies are being introduced systematically, and not in isolation from each other. Novelty lies primarily in the fact that these cities are self-sufficient. Such cities dramatically increase the survival rate in global and national catastrophes such as epidemics, geo-physical, climate and psychotronic war, etc.

Also, the idea of ​​Matrix Cities is a real program to implement the concept of a multi-polar globalization proposed by Vladimir Putin in Munich in 2007, as well as the program to create the so-called “Fourth” political theory, which is beyond liberalism, communism and fascism. Alexander Dugin, who is trying to formulate this theory for the Eurasian continent, does not have access to the latest technology, and even the desire for the philosophical understanding of modern science in application to the national prosperity. Meanwhile, his example shows how much a new concept of globalization and the new concept of national prosperity are needed in Eurasia and the world.


Usefulness of my project lies in the possibility of survival for people in the “Matrix Cities” in conditions of ecological catastrophes, when such cities are not only the centers of survival, but also centers of conservation and renewal of the biosphere.

The novelty of my project consists in the use of a number of cutting-edge information technologies in the areas of energy, control over environment, water, and the biosphere as a whole for the purpose of achieving “self-sufficiency” as applied to cities and settlements. Each of these technologies is the subject to “know-how”.

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