Tesla Glasses

Tesla Glasses are a psi-generator (psychotronic generator) / Quantum Biocomputer designated for individual use

Tesla Glasses are used extensively by Russian military and security forces. They have been extensively tested by the medical departments of the Russia’s Security Forces. With more than more 10,000 units in active use, there are 40,000 active users. Their technology is based on 40 years of research.

They are not glasses, they are Quantum Biocomputers that function like a brain massage and programmer.

They massage the brain with a holographic signal and program designated areas of the brain with the holographic signal modulated with holographic information restoring brain area responsible for a specific organ and physiological system, and thus, restoring this specific organ and physiological system through the brain.

The frequencies entering the eye are getting folded (reflected upon themselves) within the eye crystal to become holographic signals. Every segment of the retina is connected to a specific brain area. And, the holographic signal hitting the retina activates a specific segment of retina and therefore a specific area of your brain. In other words, through the brain, you massage your entire body from inside including the internal organs that need treatment and program your organ in need of treatment for regeneration.

Tesla Glasses


Tesla Glasses are a psi-generator (psychotronic generator) / Quantum Biocomputer designated for individual use at work and at home for correction and enhancement of various physical and mental functions, including the improvement of vision, using color as a natural integrator of psychological, mental and psycho-physiological processes. Tesla Glasses have eleven corrective programs with manual setting mode. The impact on the body is carried out not only with a certain color, but also via the rhythm of supplying the light pulses coupled with their modulation, thereby accelerating the process of recovery of the human body.

The device consists of dark goggles frame (124013. GOST R) and the electronic board mounted on the inside of the glass of the frame. The electronic board has two (for each eye) Light-Emitting Diodes consisting of six LEDs each, and a control device (two program selection buttons and indicator for the program number).


  • Tesla Glasses are approved for use by by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Tesla Glasses have undergone wide testing in the medical departments of the Security Forces.
  • More than 10 000 units are in active use, especially by the Military and Security Forces
  • Active users amount to 40 000 people.
  • The technology is based on 40 years of research.

Who Shouldn’t Use Tesla Glasses

  • Children younger than three
  • People with Epilepsy
  • People with Cancer and tumors of various localization
  • Do not use after organ and tissue transplantation
  • People with acute inflammatory eye diseases
  • People with other serious diseases

Tesla Glasses – The Technology

TESLA GLASSES use the method of Polarized Holography. Polarized Holography is the application of Quantum Physics for the purpose of rejuvenating all organs of the person through the Eye Crystal (Eye Lens and Iris). It is proven to provide significant physical and mental improvement, including a significant improvement in brain functions: decision speed, attention and memory.

The method consists in the control of the brain via triggering the holographic signal in the eye, and its modulation. This control overwrites any verbal and mental imperatives, is non-local (can be used for instantaneous transmission of information at infinitely large distances), instantaneous (exceeds speed of light), and simultaneously reaching out towards every cell in the body.

The method is based upon Quantum Physics, specifically, upon the theory and technology of Polarized Holography, which uses the modulation of the holographic signal according to the Kozyrev Mirror principle.

The method is based upon the special ability of an eye to convert any linear signal into the holographic signal. The process of this conversion consists in the emergence of the scalar wave diffraction grating, polarization and refraction toward the zero center of the wave crystal (torus). Since the universe is holographic, we can record and transmit information only via the holographic signal, and through the zero center of the wave crystal. The zero center of every toroidal wave crystal coincides from the zero center of every chromosome on the cellular level, and every atom and subatomic particle on the subatomic level to the zero center of our galaxy.

Any healing, rejuvenation, and mental, psychic, and physical enhancement are based upon the ability to produce, control and enhance the holographic signal. The holographic signal instantaneously reaches the zero center of every wave crystal in our body, from the subatomic and atomic to the molecular levels – from the zero center of our skull and every bone to the zero center of every metacentric chromosome. Our eyes, skull, bones and chromosomes are centered and focused similar to our eye crystal according to the laws of the geometrical optics.

Hence, the eye is a very unique receiver, transmitter, and producer of the holographic signal. And that is precisely why vision is a trigger of brain activity. Via correct triggering the holographic signal in the zero center of the eye crystal, we can immediately reach the zero center of the toroidal wave crystal of our brain, thus delivering controlling information instantaneously into the zero center of the wave crystal of every metacentric chromosome in cell division, and into the zero center of the wave crystal of every bone, so that stem cells are programmed in a correct way in the bone marrow.

Correct triggering consists in the modulation of the holographic signal in the eye. The modulation of the holographic signal in TESLA GLASSES consists of:

  • the modulation by the Schumann holographic signal
  • modulation by human Brain holographic signal
  • modulation by the holographic signal of a healthy organ and physiological system, recorded upon the chip in the glasses. It is combined with the modulation by the narrowband light-emitting diode sources of five colors. Research had shown that five colors, used by the glasses, benefit organs and physiological systems. The signal for every color is produced from the holographic signal of healthy organs and physiological systems, and, then, it is matched with the color. The signal of the color is not simply the color frequency.

The carrier holographic signal is the individual holographic signal of the user – the unique [indestructible and uncreated] non-local wave matrix of the user. This is the primary holographic signal. The modulation holographic signals are the holographic enhancers, which help the unique [indestructible and uncreated] non-local wave matrix of the user get centered and focused in this dimension (on this planet). These are secondary holographic signals.

The advantage of the glasses over other Quantum Leap Polarized Holography devices is that glasses use an eye as a filter for filtering out all harmful linear signals, which unseal wave crystals. For example, microwave radiation shortens brain waves via “unsealing” the involuted wave crystals, thus, literally lowering the intellectual potential of people.

Thus, the effect of the TESLA GLASSES is based not simply upon the superficial stimulation of innervation. The stimulation of innervation, tone of the eye muscles, blood circulation, regeneration, and enhancement of all other biochemical and bioelectrical processes in the body are based upon the structural efficacy of Polarized Holography, which centers and focuses chromosomes, and prevents the transformation of metacentric chromosomes into acrocentric chromosomes.

The modulation via secondary holographic signals (see above) allows for the emergence of the most coherent and sophisticated scalar wave diffraction grating that produces the more clear zero focus within the wave crystal (of a wave torus on every level from the atomic, subatomic to cellular and molecular levels).

The modulation occurs through the designated areas of Iris, each one corresponding to a specific organ in the body. As a result, the user achieves the stimulation of the projection zones in the Iris, each one being connected to a specific organ in the body.

In addition, TESLA GLASSES use the same effect as the binaural therapy. Binaural therapy uses the stereo effect, when signal in one ear gets into the brain with delay in relation to signal in the other ear. This produces the emergence of the complex scalar wave diffraction grating in the skull, based upon Kozyrev Mirror principle (polarization, refraction and emergence of the zero center of the wave crystal). Similar to this, Tesla Glasses use the stereo effect of color signal, when color signal in one eye gets into the brain with delay in relation to signal in the other eye.

Ophthalmologists have found that all healthy people have rhythmic alternation visual perception. Man sees in turn by the right eye, and, then, by the left eye at regular intervals.

These intervals last for 2-3 seconds. The research was conducted using modern 3D technologies. And if one eye is covered by a blue filter, and the other eyes is covered by the red filter, the healthy person sees both colors simultaneously and separately. The left eye sees 20% of the image, and the right eye sees 80% of the image.

With age, these rhythms get broken. But the restoration of the “biological clock” is possible using Polarized Holography, modulated by color signals, with the frequency of the brain of a healthy person. And, as the positive effect, we can achieve a significant rejuvenation of the body.


Red Light (620 – 760 nanometers) improves vascular tone and activity of tropic hormones, normalizes cardiovascular activity and eliminates stagnation. Exposure to low-intensity red light of 630 nm (Laser or light-emitting diodes) leads to the activation of the drainage system of the eye and entire body. In an experimental model of dystrophic form of myopia, the inventor of Tesla Glasses demonstrated a protective (prophylactic) effect of color on the development of degenerative eye diseases. The use of this color has proved itself in the treatment of myopia, astigmatism, retinal degeneration, strabismus and amblyopia in children.

Orange Light (585-620 nanometers) improves blood circulation, digestion, skin trophism, promotes regeneration (recovery) of the nervous and muscular tissue, stimulates the activity of sex glands, enhances sexuality, increases the level of neuroendocrine regulation, increases muscle strength. In ophthalmology, orange light is effective in the treatment of amblyopia, myopia, optic nerve atrophy, degeneration of the retina. It is recommended for the elderly.

Yellow Light (575-585 nm) stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, activates the autonomic nervous system producing a cleansing effect for the entire body. It removes the feeling of tiredness and lethargy. It is effective for amblyopia, strabismus, optic atrophy, retinal dystrophies.

Green Light (510-550 nanometers) harmonizes, calm and reduces arterial and intraocular blood pressure, heart rate and headaches, improves the immune system, helps to eliminate toxins. It is effective for glaucoma, spasms of accommodation, retina dystrophy and the computer vision syndrome.

Light Blue Light (480-510 nanometers) calms, has a bactericidal action, lowers blood pressure, headaches and appetite. It eliminates inflammation and is effective with myopia, spasms of accommodation and inflammatory diseases of the eyes.

Dark Blue Light (450-480 nm) has a control action on the pituitary gland, and the parasympathetic nervous system. It has antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation and pain and rejuvenates and enhances creativity and immunity.

It is effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal opacities, and vitreous.

Violet Light (380-450 nm) has a tonic effect on the brain and eyes. It helps produce happiness hormones (endorphins) and melatonin. It rejuvenates and enhances creativity and immunity. It is effective with cataracts, uveitis and corneal opacity.

Rejuvenation with the help of light and color is called vibrational healing, the foundations of which the inventor of Tesla Glasses has developed for more than 30 years.

Treatment Program

The suggested procedural regimen is three to four procedures a day with the length of the procedure at four minutes. The suggested full course is 21 days. The number of procedures and the color are self-determined by the user.

TESLA GLASSES X (Advanced Model)

TESLA GLASSES X (Advanced Model)

TESLA GLASSES X (Advanced Model) offers 11 modules similar to the modules of the BASIC TESLA GLASSES in addition to the low frequency electrical stimulation of the acupuncture points around eyes, and to the possibility to manually change the distance between the focus points in accordance with the distance between the pupils.


Tesla Glasses


I am 67 years old and my eyesight had been deteriorating for the past 10 years and I was having difficulty seeing with my prescription glasses, so was due to change the lenses. I started using the Tesla Glasses and within three weeks I saw major improvement and was able to see the messages on my iphone clearly. I continued to use the glasses and my eyesight kept improving.

thank you


Used by Russian Space Forces, Russian Strategic Missile Forces, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russian Federal Security Service