Jane, 53 years old

I’m a 53-year-old woman and I would like to tell everyone about the incredible cure that I had with the MINI-Tesla unit.

About four years ago I began to hear voices. The voices were extremely frightening and taunting. They would never stop. The voices would remind me of all my weaknesses and all my faults. It became extremely difficult to function.

This was not an audible voice but strong thoughts that came right into my brain. These voices would often keep my up all night long so that I could not sleep. The voices made me paranoid. Additionally, at times when the taunting was terrible I would suffer burning of portions of my body and the voices indicated they were doing that with some form of microwave technology. The voices talked about clones and all kinds of very weird stuff that I had never been introduced to.

I was hospitalized on several occasions. The doctors gave me several different diagnosis and tried antipsychotics. They thought this would reduce the voices or eliminate them. However it never did.

Nothing I did it really helped. Sometimes the voices would switch channels and was almost as if the wrong person was talking and they realized it and then it would switch back to the previous voice. Nobody other than one person would believe me. They just thought I was completely crazy. I could not go to the authorities because they would think I was nuts.

I cannot say what the exact causes but it is my belief that I was targeted. They call this a targeted individual and it uses advanced techniques to put thoughts and voices into somebody’s head. I had also been exposed to significant amount of mold toxins in this may have contributed to my susceptibility.

The one person who believed me thought that MINI-TESLA unit might help and ordered it for me as a gift. I received the unit and began to wear it. The voices did not want me to wear the device. I did not see any benefit after several days so I stopped the unit.

After talking with the makers of this device, it became clear that for significant cases or long-standing cases it takes longer to work. The MINI-TESLA unit also serves as a PSYCHOTRONIC SHIELD when worn in the protective mode. They indicated that the psychotropic shield capability is powerful but it takes time to build up especially if the condition has been present for a long time or is serious. They suggested that I wear it for a longer period of time and that it may possibly take up to six months improvement.

After about six weeks all the voices were gone completely. I’ve not had any recurrence. This is dramatic because I’d suffered with this condition for over three years. Now I could begin to lead a normal life.

And if that weren’t enough a long-standing condition of fibromyalgia has also improved this unit is absolutely amazing. I would strongly recommend it for anybody with symptoms such that I had.

Additionally if you think that you are a targeted individual or might be, I can tell you that your life will be dramatically changed. Mine was. I cannot thank enough the makers of this unit for the incredible technology that they have introduced to the world!!




Roger, 84 years old, UK

I felt the boost of energy (“walking on air” in fact) for the first 2 weeks or so after starting on the mini-tesla generator. I have also looked for symptomatic changes. I have noticed a sort of exacerbation (more mucus) of my cough a few hours after each therapy, similar to what I have had from homeopathy. More solid evidence however may be drawn from the fact that my beard and hair seem to be regaining some colour!


Iris, 51 years old

My menopause started when I was 49 years old, 5 months before I started wearing the MINI-TESLA generator. I got heavy hot flushes, which were followed by heavy cold sweats. When hot flashes were happening, I felt horrible. My entire body was burning, and blood was rushing to my face. It was highly embarrassing. And when I was getting my hot flushes during business meetings, this was intervening with my business, and I was barely able to make it through the business meeting. I had the feeling of losing control over my body. I got also unpredictable mood swings, though I was always emotionally stable. When I got the mini-tesla generator right before my 50th birthday, it was simply a game changer. It took it less than a month for me to loose all the menopause symptoms. Hot flashes were gone! Cold sweats were gone! I was again in full control of my emotions. I got incredible increase in energy. I can work for hours without rest. I would highly recommend this device to all women who go through menopause! Taking into consideration that any hormone replacement therapy for menopause has horrible side effects and comes at a price of breast and uterine cancers, weight gain, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots in the lungs, heart disease, and stroke, the MINI-TESLA is the way to go!


Thierry, 68 years old, France

I am glad I found WaveGenome.

I had a severe heart attack followed by an intervention and several sessions in intensive care. Due to the numerous cardiologists and different hospitals I have known, they thought it now should work but it did not. They had no explanations and

no solutions. according to them everything was normal but nevertheless the tests were bad…

They left me with no solution, constant pain, inability for the heart to produce an effort and accelerate, and I ended up in a wheelchair with difficulties to speak. I decided to give up being a Guinea pig and searched for myself alternative solutions despite their threat to death if I did not stay obedient. I started by the Russian Metatron as a tool for diagnosis and temporary self help. It showed me discrepancies in the electric conductive system of the heart I had never heard before and I harmonized it with real relief but not stable.

Then I encountered Wave Genome and ordered my Tesla pendant. After the 3 first minutes of wearing it in the protective mode, the pain was gone and little by little I started to recover. It is like if I was reconstructing a new system, it takes time but no backward move. I am recovering a quiet but normal social life and medium walk and exercice. I used the digital pharmacy that comes with the system, and pieces by pieces I deal with every other issues.

I know what I feel and that everyone can witness, believing to a miracle, but I like additionally to check the impact on my Metatron. And, indeed, everything is ameliorated and little by little the curves become nice. I have acquired a device for my wife and daughter as well, and not willing to disclose their case instead of them, I can say I have noticed the same transformation even on the emotional and personal plan as well. We all have noticed the benefit and importance of the protective mode of the pendant, and before that, underestimated that we live in a dangerous world. It is true that it was more dramatic for me as external agressive attacks explain my past condition that Doctors could not understand.

So even if the Tesla pendant were a protective tool only, it would be huge and worth having, but you also have the benefit of a good health help at a time when Оccidental medicine is in difficulty for many chronic conditions.

I have always found all the help and support from Wave Genome when needed, and developed a friendly contact.

I am now also experimenting the Tesla Glasses with additional results for my family and myself. It seems to complement the pendant which in return facilitates the assimilation of informations from the glasses. I am sure it is valuable only by itself, but I will not give up my pendant to try. I can only wish others to have the same benefits as we did, but it is easy as you only have to decide.

Other letter from Thierry: Tesla Selenium began at the worst moment in terms of diet due to the festivities. Despite of that, I lost 5 kgs without doing anything. It seems to stabilize though, perhaps a rest before a new plunge that would be welcome.

My daughter had a real improvement in eyesight, better accommodation.

I will have to reorder one of these days.

The glasses: I feel something is at work even deep in the brain. I have checked real improvements (with the Metatron) on my wife who suffers a tendency to glaucome.

Today the most dramatic changes for me came from the pendant (started earlier), and my Belgian cousin S. A. who witnessed it, might contact Wave Genome to order her own Tesla psi-generator soon.


Olga, 40 years old

Before the age of 35, I had mild allergies to dust and cats, But from the age of 35, I got horrible seasonal allergies to pollen. During the allergy season, in May-June, my day was starting with unstoppable fits of sneezing. It was so intense that I visited the allergist, took allergy tests, and got medication. I am healthy, fit, exercise regularly, and took medications only for flu, which I had rarely. I took a pride that I avoided any medications, and kept healthy via healthy life style. But from that time on, I was forced to take anti-allergy medications every allergy season for at least a month, every day. Anti-allergy medications come with such common side effects, like drowsiness. headaches and rash. The whole thing made me very unhappy. I got my mini-tesla generator in August of 2012, and during the next allergy season in May-June of 2013, I did not get my usual allergy symptoms! The same happened in the allergy season of May-June of 2014! I got cured of my seasonal allergies!


Marina, 76 years old

My blood pressure was not very high, but I started taking Lisnopril at the age of 70. The pill made me drowsy during the day, and I felt unsafe driving. The pill gave my dry mouth and cough. I also had anxiety, was irritable and felt tired. One day I got terrible allergy reaction. My throat, tongue, lips, ears, and my entire face were itching. I could not even keep my tongue in my mouth, so horribly itchy it was. I was forced to take steroids to get over it. After that, my doctor prescribed my Atenolol, 50mg. This drug was even worse. I got chest pain, restless nights and restless leg syndrome, and diarrhea every day. After three months of taking Atenolol, I one day awakened with numbness and pain in upper arms and shoulders, and this pain did not go away for weeks after I stopped that medication. i also gained weight, which was gone as soon as I stopped taking Atenolol. After that, I was placed on Diovan. This medication gave me insomnia, cloudy thinking, panic attacks and poor breathing. I got muscle spasms and aches in calves. Finally, I decided to try something completely different, and ordered the mini-tesla generator. I felt the burst of energy within the first three weeks of wearing it. My blood pressure was gradually improving and got close to the norm within three months of wearing the device. The normalisation of my blood pressure came with no side effects. I lost weight, and exercise now every day with no muscle and joint pain.


Catherine, 41 years old

I lived for 10 years in Connecticut, and got infected with Lime disease two times. Lime decease comes with very characteristic symptoms — you have high fever with no running nose or throat ache. Many people who get Lime disease do not get a bull eye tick bite. But later, the blood test shows antibodies which clearly point out to the Lime Borreliosis (infection). I suspect that mosquitos also transmit this infection. The first time, I was more careful, and took doxycycline as soon as I got these symptoms. They say that if you take doxycycline within first three weeks from infection, you get cured of infection. The next summer of 2003, I was not that careful and did not take doxycycline within three weeks. In three months from the Lime-flu symptoms, I got pain in my left knee. I could not even walk without pain. And even worse, I got neurological complications. I had a feeling as if I am drunk, and as if there is a thin half-transparant film between my mind and the world. But the worst was that I noticed short memory loss. Sometimes I was forgetting simple words, and it took me a few minutes to recall the needed word. I was a graduate student at the time, and this was a disaster for me. I tried to get a treatment. My blood test showed antibodies, but below the “norm” to be considered really sick. Later I found out that it is regular practice in Connecticut to be refused in getting treated for Lime. Lime disease is a dangerous illness. Not only do people with Lime get unbearable joint pain, but they get paralysed, blind and lose their minds! The loss of memory and cognitive abilities was the most horrible thing for me. I started taking doxycycline for 300 mg a day. As soon as I took first high dose, my mind got cleared, and the feeling of being drunk was gone. But I found out that these high dose of doxycycline gives people kidney failure in three months. I was determined to get treated, and my friend, an assistant pastor, who herself had Lime disease, arranged for me a visit to her doctor. I got treated with IV rocephin for two months. It cost my insurance around $36,000, with $600 a day per one IV treatment at the hospital. No wonder, insurance lobby makes infectionist doctors refuse treatment to patients with Lime. Intravenous rocephin is prescribed because only intravenous antibiotic passes the blood-brain barrier. The doxycycline molecules are too big to pass the blood-brain barrier. That is why all people who take oral antibiotics for their Lime disease, only waste their money and their health away. After the treatment with rocephin, I felt myself almost cured. My severe joint pain was gone, and I got clear mind back. I was able to continue my graduate studies. Nonetheless, I still had slight joint pain in some of my joints – a big toe on right foot, and the middle finger on my right hand. During cold weather, and sometimes during gym exercises I felt pain there. In five years, in 2008, I got a relapse. It was not severe, but symptoms were very frightening to me. I was leaving my car by the front door of my building, forgetting to park it. And I again got strong joint pain. I was doing intense studio photography at the moment, with the heavy studio camera. And after a while, I could not unbend my left elbow joint at all. I could not just decide that it was because of the heavy camera, since I had strong pain in my other joints, unrelated to using a heavy studio camera. I saw an infectious disease doctor, but he refused a rocephin treatment to me. So, in 2009, I was forced to pay out of my pocket around $15,000 for two months of generic rocephin, prescribed to me by Dr. Raxlen in New York, who is probably the only doctor in the tri-state area treating Lime. It was precisely the time when I was getting my Ph.D. thesis defence. I was able to successfully defend my thesis, and get a Ph.D. Nonetheless, a slight pain in my joints still remained. I found out that Lime spirochete bacteria has the same nature as bacteria causing syphilis. And syphilis is incurable. Dr. Raxlen told me that I will probably have to take rocephin or generic rocephin again. He confirmed to me that Lime disease never goes away. It hides in your body, covering itself with your own proteins, and, especially, in one’s spine and brain. And every time, the immune system is down, the bacteria rebuilds itself from the scratch. I got acquainted with the research by Luc Montagnier on AIDS. Luc Montagnier claimed that AIDS is incurable, because the virus leaves its wave imprint in the body, even after its biochemical structure is destroyed. Virus rebuilds itself from its wave structure over and over again. Patients with Lime disease get worse and worse with every new year. And since the treatment is so expensive, many of them get bankrupt and cannot pay for more treatments. After this piece of information, I started looking for some alternative ways to treat my Lime disease, and found out that the Institute for National Security treats diseases considered to be “incurable” by the conventional medicine. In the early 2012, I traveled to Moscow with the help of Wave Genome, and had four weeks of sessions, two times a week, for one hour at the large-size Aura psi-generator at the Institute. The institute had also provided me with full diagnostics of my entire body, and treated my other conditions along with my Lime disease. As a result of treatment, I was completely healed. I do not have any what so every Lime disease symptoms. My mind is clear, my memory is sharp. I do not have any joint pain, even slight. My other fear was cancer, since my both parents died of cancer. But I found out that the institute can cure cancers (except for stage 4 cancer). I cannot even find enough words to express my gratitude. Wave Genome and the Institute for National Security in Moscow literally saved my life.


Luc, 45 year old, UK

Hello Irene,

I just wanted you to know that I have had my Super-Mini-Tesla-PSI-Generator for just less than a week now and I have already experienced some fantastic results, with both the PSI-Generator and the Digital Pharmacy software application.

Having had EMDR treatment for C-PTSD, I found the audio on the Digital Pharmacy worked similarly to the EMDR treatment, in that it stimulated both hemispheres of the brain to clear my high stress levels. This happened immediately after using the software for the first time and left me feeling much calmer and relaxed after every subsequent use.

I wore the device in open mode for the first four days. I was surprised at the effect this seemed to have on the people around me. Every interaction I had with people seemed to be a very positive one. This was very surprising for me as I am currently the target of workplace bullying and gang stalking. These people prefer to use psychological attacks to try threaten and destabilise me mentally. Even the interactions I had with these people were positive on the days I had the device in open mode. When I changed it to closed mode, I did notice a couple of psychological attacks, but I was able to just see them for what they were and not be impacted by them.

Since I started wearing the device I have sometimes started getting a euphoric feeling rising from my chest to my head. It does not happen all the time and maybe because I have focused on my head, brain and stress in the Digital Pharmacy.

The cost of the Super-Mini-Tesla-PSI-Generator is much less that it would cost to have EMDR treatment and it would seem to have had the same result in one day, that twelve weeks of EMDR treatment would take. For that alone it has been worth it for me, not withstanding all the future benefits I can expect to gain.

Thank you for bringing such an advanced, breakthrough treatment to the world. Welcome to the Quantum Leap indeed!


Marianne, 35 years old

I had problems with my skin till my teenage years. My skin is very sensitive, and reacts to food, sun, menstrual cycles, cold weather, and even to soup and water. I was having all kinds of problems – allergy rashes, pimples, acne, clogged pores, large pores, redness. I had difficulty of choosing a soap, for soaps made my skin very dry. I had also herpes simplex. Every time my immune system was down, even in the summer time, I was getting horrible eruptions on my lips. They were so heavy that sometimes stayed for weeks. I started using Mini-Tesla generator during the winter. My skin was very irritated, and I was going through the one more fight with a few acne on my back. Wave Genome advised me that I need to use a special module for the skin in the software that comes with the generator. I noticed the improvement in a month, and in three months my skin was unrecognizable. The generator and the skin module in the program work wonders. My skin got cleared. I rarely get acne now. My skin became much more resilient, and I do not get irritation from skin cleansers. My pores got to normal size. Before starting on Mini-tesla, I was advised by Wave Genome to do a Visia Skin Complexion Test. After wearing Mini-tesla for half a year, I took a Visia test again. The test compares your results to 2 mln. Americans of your age. My test results showed that my skin complexion before using the device was 10 to 15% worse than the results of 2 mln. of Americans of my age. And after using the device for half a year, my Visia Test showed that my skin complexion is better than the average for 20 to 30%.


Irene, 51 years old

After wearing MINI-TESLA psi-generator for two years, my VISIA skin test showed outstanding results. My texture is 31% better than 2 mln. of Americans of my age, my wrinkles are 44% better, spots are 31% better, UV spots are 16% better, brown spots are 19% better, and pores are better for 28%. It was not always like this. I had problem skin, and my pores were not that perfect. But thanks to the information-wave technology, I was able to attain the dream skin.


Peter, MD, 58 years old

“The MINI-TESLA GENERATOR just nails it. It is like a trickle charge. It is constantly working and pushing you in the right direction — the direction of making you younger and healthier and more fit. I use the one with the childhood matrix and feel that this really did help me become younger. My hair stayed dark color and my face looked younger after about 4 to 6 months and everybody said I look younger.

Not only that… The device had definitely improved my health. My body had been exposed to some toxins which affected my endocrine system. I had attacks, when I was not capable of functionning at all. This device greatly improved that. I also learned what happens if you don’t have the device on, and on more than one occasion, I was experiencing an attack and would put the device on, and it would reverse the attack within 5 minutes.

Also, the audio modules that you listen to, are also incredible. I’ve had dramatic results within 5 to 10 minutes of listening to these. I can personally testify to the heart module, back module and the anxiety module. They all work.

There been times when I’ve been in a complete funk, not able to function at all, and I just use the normal auditory settings, and within five minutes I feel like I’m normalized … this is amazing technology!!

It is definitely worth the money when you consider an investment in your health over five years. What do you say about preventing conditions, and, then, preventing a hospitalization by staying healthy? What is it worth to feel good for five years?”

“The AURA machine is an incredible technology! This is a machine that you lie in and it is currently located in Moscow. They have a scanner which determines the problems that you have based on the scanning results compared to normal. Once they do this assessment, they will put you on the AURA machine for three hours a day for anywhere from two weeks to four weeks depending on your condition.

I can say that the kidney module definitely works, because I was going to the bathroom more frequently than ever after this. Also the skin module works extremely well, because that night when I was taking my first AURA treatment, I looked 10 years younger than I’ve ever looked in my life, and it lasted for the most part but not fully of course. Nevertheless when you finish with the machine, you definitely look younger and more fit.

If you have the time and the money, I would recommend this machine to anybody. It will definitely make a difference in your health.


Michael, 45 years old

I am nearsighted. I had LASIK, and it helped a lot. Before LASIK I had eyesight minus 6, and it was great to get rid of glasses. But I was told that my eyesight can still drop, and this is what happened. After a year, my eyesight worsened. I work on the computer all day long, and this is surely a reason. My eye doctor told me I need glasses for driving. And I was not able to pass an eyesight test to renew my driving license without those new glasses. I got Mini-tesla because I did not want to go through another LASIK surgery, since it is not completely safe. I noticed the first improvement in my eyesight in two to three months, and significant improvement in one year. I am capable of seeing the names of the streets in the night time. I do not carry glasses with me any longer. I also noticed that even after many hours of work on the computer, my eyes do not get tired.


Steve, 60 years old, USA

These Russian glasses are absolutely amazing, I have to say. When I first got them, I was very skeptical. They have a lot of different things that they can do including high blood pressure adjustment, obesity, depression, and a variety of other things. So obviously I could not test out all of these things, but I wanted to test out whether these glasses could help me to reduce the doctor’s settings on my reading glasses. When I started, I was using diopter 2.5. So, I started using the glasses, and after about a week I went down to 2.25, and I could see just as well pretty much. After another 3 to 4 days, I went down to a diopter of two, and, then, after another 3 to 4 days, I went down to a diopter of 1.75. This took a little adjustment so I stayed there for about a week, and, then, I continued to use the glasses, and it went down to 1.5 and, then, I went down to a diopter setting at 1.25.

I got busy at that time and could not continue to do the exercises, so I’m still basically at 1.25 after four months, but I do not need the 2.5 at all. I noticed that my vision is much sharper when reading and now I can actually read music in Church, and also on my iPhone without the glasses at all. It’s slightly blurry but I could still do it and, sure, this makes life much more convenient!

There’s one other thing that I use these glasses for. Sometimes I will awake in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep easily. So I’ll put glasses on setting five, which is a blue violet color and usually one session or maybe two, and I’m right back asleep. If I don’t do that, I’ll be up for quite some time. This is a really nice feature.

So, I can say without a doubt that these glasses really work. Based on the functions that I’ve tested, I’ve got good results.