Every MINI-TESLA psi-generator comes with the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY with 22 modules

The user uses the computer program (software) every day once a day in a normal state of health, and several times a day, depending on the complexity of his/her state of health. When working with the computer program of the generator, the user must turn his/her generator to the open module.

Computer program of the generator is a comprehensive Digital Pharmacy of the digitized Bioholograms (Wave Crystal structures or Matrices) of all healthy vitally important organs and physiological systems. The user tales a self-test for self-therapy, and the program generates for him the granular (holographic) signal, which is encoded in the music.

Self-therapy is the binaural therapy, which uses the Kozyrev Mirrors principle alike the chip inside the generator. Binaural therapy is based on the effect of the stereo signal to both ears, so that signal is delayed in one ear with respect to the signal applied to the second ear. It is in this way that the Kozyrev Mirrors effect is created, when human skull itself becomes the Kozyrev Mirror. The signal is reflected; there emerges a standing (scalar), the wave interference / diffraction grating; and the signal is refracted toward the Zero Center / focus of the wave crystal.

Also, the user can order any pill or tincture in the form of a software module of the Digital Pharmacy. Digital Pill module is attached to the Digital Pharmacy software, and the user receives the Digital Pill as the granular (holographic) signal encoded in the music. We record the Digital Pill via a laser and as the wave structure (Hologram or Matrix), which is afterwards gets digitized. Digital Pills do not have the danger of overdose and side effects.