Here is the information on the maintenance of your MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR. There are some basic maintenance rules, and some specific rules for each of the models.

Every MINI-TESLA psi-generator comes with

(1) a CHIP, structured with a laser on a nano-level with the wave matrix of healthy human or your own individual wave matrix in childhood (recorded from your childhood photograph), and cased either in pearl or wood

(2) and psi-program – a flash drive with the software that has the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY with modules generated as the white noise encoded in music for your lifetime and for every system and vital organ in your body.

IMPORTANT: CHIP has two modes : OPEN and CLOSED. In the OPEN mode, you increase your information-wave impact upon people. The CLOSED mode is the SHIELD mode, which protects you from any psychotronic attack, including V2K (voice to skull) and cancer guns, subliminal advertising and psychic attacks. Those customers who are endangered with these attacks can wear their CHIP in the protective mode nonstop. PLEASE NOTE: there is a difference in color signifying OPEN and CLOSED mode for wood and pearl casing.

1. What is MINI-TESLA psi-generator?

TESLA PSI-GENERATOR is a product of the most revolutionary Quantum Leap technology of Laser Polarized Bioholography by WAVE GENOME, which is still classified in the West.

He Ne Laser with internal mirrors records client’s bioholgram from his/her childhood photograph. Then, the biohologram gets digitized, diagnosed and corrected. Finally, the digitized biohologram is encoded via laser into the chip on nano level.

All models consist of two pieces: a CHIP inside the casing and a flash drive with the complete DIGITAL PHARMACY software to run on your computer in order to generate E-DRUGS / BIOELECTRONIC DRUGS,

DIGITAL PHARMACY is the comprehensive collection of the digitized bioholorams / wave matrices as 44 modules for every physiological system in your body, and your every vital bodily organ. DIGITAL PHARMACY is self-administered (self-served) by the client in the form of the binaural self-therapy.

You can read about the differences between WAVE GENOME models here.

2. How long does it take to produce TESLA GENERATOR?

Chip is multilayered, and it takes longer than 24 hours to produce only one layer. Five people are engaged in the production, including Laser specialist and a programmer, who writes a DIGITAL PHARMACY software program specifically for you, encoding your digitized biohologram into every part of the software, and into every pixel on the screen. That is why it takes not less than 4 to 6 weeks to produce your TESLA PSI-GENERATOR.

3. Is your technology a bioresonance technology?

No, our technology is NOT the bioresonance technology. The hologram has the infinite number of frequencies, particles and fields. The universe is holographic, meaning that it is contained entirely in its every matrix point. And since the universe is holographic, it is possible to record and transmit only the holographic information. For this, we need to use the devices which are capable of transforming the linear signals (frequencies) into holographic signals (matrices).

When cell goes into resonance with itself, it dies. Thus, any bioresonance technology (aka Digital Homeopathy) is very dangerous. Only our Quantum Leap technology of Laser Polarized Bioholography is capable of recording and transmitting bioholograms.

4. Are there any analogues of your technology elsewhere?

There are no analogues to our technology elsewhere, and our technology is commercially available ONLY from WAVE GENOME. Though some other scientists are using HE NE Lasers with internal mirrors, none of these scientists have the complete library of the digitized bioholograms for every physiological system and essential bodily organ, that allows to diagnose and correct bioholograms / wave matrices of clients.

5. How does your technology work?

Dr. Irene Caesar created the theory of Holograms as WAVE CRYSTALS in the mid 1980s, and applied her theory of WAVE CRYSTALS to chromosomes in the early 2000s. According to Dr. Irene Caesar’s theory, chromosomes function as WAVE CRYSTALS, analogously to a human eye and according to the laws of geometrical optics in crystals. The theory is called GEOMETRICAL OPTICS OF CHROMOSOMES.

Dr. Irene Caeasar delivered her theory of chromosomes as refraction mechanisms at her December 2014 Seminar in Germany in Orania Zentrum, and as the speech “REMOTE MANAGEMENT OF BIOSYSTEMS BASED UPON THE SHAPE OF CHROMOSOMES AS DIFFRACTION GRATING FOR FOCUSING GENETIC INFORMATION” at the July 2016 International Congress of the Bangkok Thonburi University in Thailand.

The lecture was published by the Thonburi University peer reviewed scientific journal, as well as in full in the September issue of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine (Lucknow and London). Dr. Caesar delivered her theory also at the International Symposium HEALTH 2.O in Nanjing, China in November 2016, with the participation of Noble Laureate, Intel, and Big Pharma.

Holographic signal is always a specific geometrical code of the scalar wave diffraction grating. First the signal is reflected upon itself to form a scalar wave. Scalar wave neutralizes any external signal via reflecting it upon itself, when the peak of the forward-going wave is neutralized by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself. The scalar wave creates a diffraction grating which refracts any external linear signal towards the zero center of the hologram / wave matrix. Chromosomes are capable of receiving specific holographic information via chaining the geometrical code of refraction.

The same gene gets expressed in the functional species and individuals via metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals by acrocentric chromosome. Metacentric chromosome is a perfectly symmetrical (like Crux Quadrata / Swastika), centered and focused chromosome, analogous to the well-functionning eye. Acrocentirc chromosome is an assymterical, not centered and unfocused chromosome, analogous to myopic or farsighted eye. All physiological disfunction is linked to the lost by chromosome of its focus in the geometrical optics of bioholograms.

We record your biohologram from your childhood photo, when your biohologram was most wholesome and unadulterated. Also, we diagnose it and correct it, if needed. Then your biohologram encoded via laser onto the chip, makes your chromosomes center and focus themselves during cell division. This promotes the correct reception of your genetic information during cell division through the zero center / focus of the chromosomal WAVE CRYSTAL

This effect is continuous / without interruption if the client is always wearing his generator on his body. This is a crucial advantage over just listening to one’s matrix as an audio file (wave matrix in the form of white noise – see psychotronics), recorded from one’s childhood photograph.

The generator is the transmitter of client’s childhood matrix, which is NON-LOCAL and inherently inlaid within the earth’s matrix and the cosmic matrix, and to the matrix of one’s family, nation and country (Ancient Greeks called this the unity of cosmos, polis and psyche). Thus, the generator does not preclude the user from connecting to the information-wave streams (even when it is in the “shield” mode of operation). Also, the generator does not cause the formation of dependency, and the weakening of client’s homeostasis and self-defense. All beneficial natural wave streams are strengthened and enhanced. The generator filtrates the changes in the Schumann and Alfvén resonances.

The generator operation consists in the interaction of two matrices – man himself as a matrix, and his childhood matrix, recorded on generator’s chip and transmitted by generator’s re-transmitter. Man tunes himself not to a specific frequency, but to a NON-LOCAL hologram, which is essentially the part of the holographic universe (as Matryoshka doll).

6. What is the structure of the generator and modes of its operation?

The generator is a QUANTUM BIOCOMPUTER working on the principles of QUANTUM BIOINTERNET. The generator has two sides, one side for the SHIELD / PROTECTION MODE, and another side for the OPEN MODE.

The device is programmed to operate differently depending on the side with which it is turned toward one’s body.

For the models with casing, one side from pearl, and another side from 3-D printing plastic, the SHIELD MODE is pearl out. For the models with casing, both sides of which are made of pearl, the SHIELD MODE is light pearl out. For the models with casing, both sides of which are made of 3-D printing plastic, the SHIELD MODE is the thicker side out.

The SHIELD MODE of the MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR offers protection against genetic and psychotronic warfare, against psychic attacks, against harmful radiation, for example, during airplane flights, and against electro-magnetic smog. The SHIELD MODE produces calming effect in stress and trauma.

The SHIELD MODE does not stop the beneficial traffic of holographic signals from inside out, and from outside in.

The OPEN MODE of the MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR produces activating or reinforcing effect.

The time of using the SHIELD MODE or the OPEN MODE is individual. If you feel any discomfort, turn the generator over, notwithstanding of the mode that you were using at the moment.

During sex act, if you want to reinforce the dynamics, use the SHIELD MODE. If you have too quick an ejaculation, use the OPEN MODE

7. Daylight – SHIELD MODE or OPEN MODE?

We recommend the SHIELD MODE for clients under psychotic or psychic attack, under stress, or during exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields, for example, during airplane flights.

Nonetheless, the positioning of the generator depends on the needs of a client.


We recommend the SHIELD MODE to all clients under psychotronic or psychic attack, under stress, or during exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation day and night. Nonetheless, you are free to turn the generator over, if you feel any discomfort and have difficulty in falling asleep.

9. Can you mark the diagram of torso with an x to exactly indicate where the device should be placed? Everyone has a different view of the chakras, their names and locations. Some systems have 7 chakras, others have 12 or 13 chakras. How big is MINI-TESLA generator? Will it be visible when I wear it?

MINI-TESLA GENERATOR is approximately 1.5 inches long, and should be worn at your solar plexus. It is invisible when you wear it.

See the picture for the placement of the device. Nonetheless, the location of the generator upon the body is strictly individual. The positioning depends upon the geometrical optics measurement (for example, human neck is an antenna), because the generator is the holographic signal re-transmitter. WAVE GENOME provides individual tailoring of positioning the MINI-TESLA GENERATOR on the body.

10. Sleep with it, yes, no?

Yes, you can sleep with MINI-TESLA GENERATOR. You sleep with your MINI-TESLA generator in a shield mode. If you have difficulty with falling asleep, you should turn the generator over with the other side toward yourself. You should not get worried about placing your TESLA PSI-GENERATOR with the other side accidentally during your sleep, since the signal is holographic in both modes — the SHIELD MODE and the OPEN MODE, and both modes have their protection and rejuvenation mechanisms.

11. What is your recommendation when you first receive the unit to tell if it is beneficial to you? What is first thing benefit that one should see?

The client will notice three improvements right the way: the improvement of sleep; the increase of motor activity; the improvement of cognitive functions (memory and analytical speed).

12. How long before you should notice the first effects?

Healthy people notice results in three days; sick people — in six months. There are objective and subjective criteria. In three days, a patient notices the subjective uplift of the overall well-being, and enhancement of memory, sleep and overall cognitive abilities. In two to three weeks, there is an improvement in the objective criteria.

13. Do I have to charge my MINI-TESLA generator?

User does not have to charge his/her MINI-TESLA GENERATOR. MINI-TESLA generator is an electret, and it is charged from the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth.

14. When the device is in the SHIELD MODE, does the device behave differently? Or is simply the field that it produces inverted?

Yes, the device behaves differently when in the SHIELD MODE. The field is not inverted. The device emits two different holographic signals into two opposite directions.

Wave signals are absorbed by the medium. Human body is a liquid medium. The wave signal, transmitted towards the body, is absorbed in 2-3 cm radius. The wave signal, transmitted outwards, is absorbed in 70 cm radius. Half a length of the wave is absorbed by the medium. The body immediately absorbs the wave, and nerve ganglia transmit the signal to the brain.

15. Can take it through airport security? Can I fly with it?

Yes, you can take your MINI-TESLA GENERATOR through airport security. And you SHOULD fly with your MINI-TESLA GENERATOR, since it protects you from the huge doses of radiation you get each time you fly. In its SHIELD MODE, the generator is the EMF shield and radiation-protection device.

16. How can you tell if it is working at all? In other words, all devices will break at some point and stop working. There is no light on this device.

MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR comes in two pieces: chip cased in pearl or 3-D printing plastic, and flash drive with the MINI-TESLA DIGITAL PHARMACY software program.

The chip inside the casing is virtually indestructible, if it is not subjected to crude force.

User can immediately recognize whether his/her MINI-TESLA DIGITAL PHARMACY software program is working or not via connecting the flash drive with the MINI-TESLA DIGITAL PHARMACY software program to his/her computer to run the program for SELF-TESTING and SELF-THERAPY daily and as many times a day as he/she chooses according to his/her wellbeing.

17. What are you working on right now? What new products do you intend to release in the near future?

WAVE GENOME is working on its new version of the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for E-DRUGS / BIOELECRONIC DRUGS, which was released for the first time in the history of mankind in 1995. Also, WAVE GENOME is working on its new version of the REMOTE LASER SIGNAL REJUVENATION, which was commercially released by Dr. Irene Caesar, President and Founder of WAVE GENOME, for the first time in the history of mankind in May 2013.

For the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE via, the user connects via the internet to WAVE GENOME’s server multiple times a week in order to receive the weekly correction servicing from WAVE GENOME. Each time the user connects his TESLA GENERATOR to his computer, he/she can see whether his device is working or not.

Every user will be able to register his/her device, but the digitized digital hologram biofeedback from the WAVE GENOME will be sold as SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for a separate fee than the basic price of the device.

18. What is it incompatible with in terms of medications?

MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR is compatible with medications, since it is holographic and balances any linear electro-chemical input of any medication. But the user should know that it increases the effect of medications, and so he/she should adjust the dosage of medications accordingly (e.g., take half a dosage).

19. What about energy bracelets, and eforceplus pendant?

Any energy bracelets and pendants should be tested with specific equipment that we have — with and without the MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR.

20. Is there a conflict with EMF Homeopathy medicine such as Radinex?

No, there is no conflict.

21. Should I remove my MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR while brushing my teeth in case I might spill a little bit of water on it? Can it take a mild exposure as long as the electrical components are not affected?

You your MINI-TESLA GENERATOR can take mild exposure to water. Your DIGITAL PHARMACY flash drive should be protected from water at all times.

22. How can you tell if it is working too strongly and you need to take it off for a few days?

The device never works “too strongly”, because it re-transmits human biohologram, which is balanced by the scalar wave geometrical optics.

23. Is there any conflict with the Miraculous medal, St. Benedicts metal or the Brown Scapula?

WAVE GENOME will test all the other devices for a separate fee.

24. Some people wear an orgonite type pendant that has organite metal base, oppositely copper coils and a few stones such as quartz or tiger quartz. Will this have any conflict, especially the oppositely coiled copper wires?

Yes, there will be a conflict. Our MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR will overwrite any Orgonite pendant.

25. Can you wear it with a pacemaker?

No, you cannot wear MINI-Tesla generator with a pacemaker.

26. Can you get near somebody with a pacemaker?

No, if you have close bodily contact. For example, during sex, i.e., close bodily contact, a person should take off his TESLA PSI-GENERATOR if his sex partner has a pacemaker.

Nonetheless, you can get near somebody with a pacemaker, because the depth of wave absorption is shallow.

27. Is there any withdrawal effect if I remove my TESLA PSI-GENERATOR and do not put it back on for a week or two weeks? Does it form the dependency? Does it weaken user’s own self-defense? Does it preclude from receiving the external information-wave streams?

No, there is no withdrawal effect, no dependency acquired, and no weakening of user’s own self-defense, because the generator is using holographic signal, which is always balanced by user’s geometrical optics of chromosomes. Also, the device does not preclude the client from receiving the external holographic information or from transmitting his own holographic information, because the device is based upon the holographic harmony between human matrix / hologram and cosmic matrix / hologram.